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A Merciful People

October 20, 2019 Speaker: Jonathan Winfree Series: Parables of the Kingdom

Passage: Matthew 25:14-46

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Introduction - this week continues the theme of readiness from last week - “Be ready!” But what’s that look like?

How does the master’s expectation help us understand what it means to live ready for Jesus’ return? What’s the major difference between the first two servants and the third one?


The difference between the sheep and goats reveals something about what it means to be a citizen of Jesus’ kingdom. What’s the significance of Jesus’ identifying with each group receiving the mercy of his disciples?


Discussion Questions

  1. Do we tend to treat things we are entrusted with differently than things we own?
  2. If the parable teaches us that our gifts, abilities, and resources are entrusted to us as the Master’s “property,” how does that change our approach to using them?
  3. Discuss membership vow #4: “Do you promise to support the church in its worship and work to the best of your ability?” What are you able to do that you’re not currently doing? Assess your strengths and weaknesses in fulfilling this vow, if you’re a member of Redeemer. Pray for one another.
  4. How closely is your life connected to the various groups among the “least of these?”
  5. What are specific ways your community group could use its gifts as a whole to serve others?

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