Vision and Values

The goal of women’s ministry is to equip and encourage women to walk in and enjoy gospel friendships with one another. Friendships characterized by prayer and encouragement to live out of the fullness of Christ’s love. Friendships that create an environment that allows for celebration of life’s joys and honest struggle with life’s hardships and sin.

We believe this is in keeping with Redeemer City’s vison of making Christ’s invisible Kingdom visible. As we become women more deeply aware of who Christ is and how Christ loves us, that love will overflow to those around us, impacting the Church and the other communities we are part of for God’s glory.

The way we endeavor to do this is:


Listen - Pray - Follow upWe encourage every woman to develop friendships, by taking responsibility to reach out to other women and engage in relationships that mutually listen, pray and follow up with one another. 

Social Events

We have periodic social events where women can enjoy one another and further develop friendships. (Join our facebook group to stay in the know with what's going on with Women's Ministry at Redeemer)

Bible Studies

We offer an evening and morning bible study that is open to all women and can be joined at any point. This is an opportunity for women to prayerfully grow in their knowledge and relationship with Jesus and one another.

Walking With Jesus Through Genesis | Fall 2019 & Spring 2020 

genesis women fallOn the day Jesus arose from the grave, he meet two of his disciples who were traveling from Jerusalem to Emmaus.  While hiding his identity, Jesus discussed the recent events with these disciples and began “interpreting to them in all the Scriptures things concerning himself” (Luke 24).  As Jesus walked with these two men, He showed them that the Old Testament scriptures all pointed to Him and His work of salvation.  Wouldn’t you have loved to hear that conversation?  Luke records that the disciples said, “Did not our hearts burn within us while He talked to us on the road, while He opened to us the Scriptures?” (Luke 24:32) How does the Old Testament scriptures tell of Jesus?  Can we learn to see Jesus in the Old Testament like these two disciples who traveled with Jesus from Jerusalem to Emmaus on Resurrection Sunday? This fall in Women’s Bible Study, we will walk with Jesus starting in Genesis and learn to see the promise of Jesus in this first book of the Bible.  What does Genesis teach about Jesus, and how do we learn to see Him in these ancient scriptures?  Please come and join us on this journey as we begin this fall to “walk with Jesus in Genesis."

For information please contact Gigi Savant (, 863 258 0268)

Discipleship Groups

We offer groups of 5-7 women committed to walking with one another through a curriculum called Discipled by Grace. These are intentional gospel friendship groups. Trust is built and women can grow in prayer and reliance on Jesus as they study God’s word together and encourage one another on life’s journey. They are dependent on having available trained leaders, so a waiting list is sometimes necessary.

To join a group or get on a waiting list please contact Vicky Portlock ( or text or call 863 289 1516) or Ashley Bennett (

Retreats & Workshops

The goal is every other ministry year to have a women’s retreat. The next one will be October 2021. The years we do not have a retreat we plan on offering 1 or 2 workshops on various topics.

The next Workshop will be Saturday, April 25, 2020. Times and topic to be announced.

For more information contact Vicky Portlock ( or text or call 863 289 1516)