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Sarah: A Lesson in Faith

December 3, 2017 Speaker: Drew Bennett Series: Advent 2017: Grace to the Humble

Passage: Genesis 11:27-30, Genesis 15:1-6, Genesis 18:10-14, Genesis 21:1-6

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When the angel brings news of the son that God would give to Sarah, why does she laugh? What heart attitude does her laughter reveal? What is unbelief?

Abraham (and Sarah) begin in unbelief. They are eventually held forth as models of faith. What is faith?

How does Christmas help you live by faith an not by sight?

Discussion Questions:

1. Define faith and unbelief.
2. Unbelief often looks like impatience. Abraham and Sarah had to wait 25 years for God’s word to come to pass. Where have you been impatient?
3. Sarah took matters into her own hands because she got tired of waiting on God. Have you ever done that? What kind of trouble did it cause?
4. Read Isaiah 54:1. What do you think it means? What barrenness in your life do you need God to work in? What is the promise the prophet makes?

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