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The Vanity of Knowing

June 14, 2020 Speaker: Drew Bennett Series: Ecclesiastes: Life Is Gift Not Gain

Passage: Ecclesiastes 1:12-18, Ecclesiastes 2:13-17, Ecclesiastes 7:16-19, Ecclesiastes 8:16-17

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It's ok to hate life.


Know that you don't know.


Seek wisdom, not for gain, but for God Himself.



Zack Eswine, Recovering Eden 
David Gibson, Living Life Backwards 
Sidney Greidanus, Preaching Christ from Ecclesiastes 
Derek Kidner, The Message of Ecclesiastes

Discussion Questions

  • Do you ever hate life? Is so, what parts of life "under the sun" are most grievous (2:17) to you? Don't be afraid to be honest.
  • Does knowing stuff make you feel like you're in control of your life? But are you really?
  • If we are limited in what we can know, what should the character of our knowing be? Read James 3:13-18 and reflect together on what "wisdom from above" is like.
  • Why seek wisdom? What happiness comes from it?

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