We have transitioned to ONE worship service Sundays at 10am. Childcare is available through fifth grade. 

If you have been around Redeemer for any length of time, you will quickly find out that we are committed to church planting. In January of 2016, Jeff & Marissa Skipper were launched out of Redeemer City to plant a new congregation in the southwest quadrant of Winter Haven – Redeemer Southwest Church (RSW). RSW began as a group of 30 committed members with a mission to bring a gospel-centered church to an underserved part of our city. God was clearly at work as RSW quickly grew to a group of 85-100 people – most of their growth came through unchurched and dechurched young families. They saw dozens of conversions and were able to minister to local school and organizations. However, everything has seasons.

In the beginning of 2020, Jeff felt as though a change was necessary in his role at Redeemer, and the elders of RSW decided that it was best for their congregation to return to Redeemer City. No work we attempt for the kingdom is ever in vain. This was not our plan, but it is God’s plan. This is not a failure. It is an opportunity. The Good Shepherd is leading us to green pastures. In that - we rejoice! So, rejoice! Not because all of your church planting efforts meet with success. Rejoice that your names are written in heaven!

We do not know what the future holds for our focused ministry in Southwest Winter Haven. We also do not want to erase RSW away because they are a part of our story; we are thankful for the work that God has done over the last 4 years through the ministry of RSW. We want to celebrate that work. Below you'll find the sermon archive from 2016-2020 at Redeemer Southwest. We hope that these sermons will be edifying to you. It is a small way that we can carry on the legacy of RSW.