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Mission & Vision

God's mission is to make his GLORY known for all to see and enjoy by triumphing over evil and working to redeem his people, and the entire creation, from the guilt and curse of sin.

Jesus referred to this work as the coming of the KINGDOM of God into the world. This was Jesus’ GOSPEL. He came to make God’s kingdom accessible to all who would repent and believe. The CHURCH is the body of Christ, and therefore exists to continue his mission in the world in his absence. Our mission is his mission, given to us in the specific way he taught us to pray: “Our Father in heaven, your name be praised. Your kingdom come!”

Therefore, our mission is one church made up of multiple congregations that together seek to make Jesus’ invisible kingdom visible in Winter Haven, Polk County, and the world. This will require that we be a praying community of Jesus disciples who embody the truth of the gospel and spread the gospel in both word and deed: ONE people- SHARING life together; a HOLY people- TELLING the story of salvation; a people on MISSION -- SERVING our neighbors.

If we are faithful to this mission, we expect to see the following happen:

Community Formation
The promise of the gospel is a NEW PEOPLE. The early Christian community was called “the Way” because they were committed to an alternate way of life – an alternate way of thinking about relationships, time, money and possessions, power and leadership, etc. We hope to cultivate such a community in our city.

Personal Transformation
The promise of the gospel is NEW HEARTS. Following Jesus demands nothing less than a radical personal conversion of thought, character, and practice (i.e. knowing, being, and doing). We hope to evangelize and intentionally disciple people to live in the kingdom of God, putting into practice all of the teaching of Jesus in the unique circumstances of their lives.

Gospel Multiplication
The promise of the gospel is a NEW CITY. We hope to ignite a gospel movement of churches and ministries that will change Winter Haven and the world

Our Strategies: This is HOW we will work to accomplish our mission:

Strategy #1: Community Groups

ONE people: Making Jesus' invisible kingdom visible by sharing life together

Strategy #2: Worship as Story-Telling

A HOLY people: Making Jesus' invisible kingdom visible by telling the story of salvation

Strategy #3: Missional Pathways

A people ON MISSION: Making Jesus' invisible kingdom by serving our neighbors

Strategy #4: Life-on-Life Discipleship

Making Jesus' invisible kingdom visible by training people to live in the kingdom of God

Strategy #5: Church Planting

Making Jesus' invisible kingdom through a gospel movement